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Hi ya'll I'm Emma! I was born and raised a Southern Belle and wouldn't have it any other way! Being the good Southern girl I am. I know my way around the kitchen, butter, shortening, comfort foods, and desserts. However, I'm not always your typical Southern Baker.
When I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies for example, like gluten, dairy, eggs, and the inability to process proteins excluding vegetable proteins. I was face with reinventing how I baked, cooked, and ate. Some might have seen this event as a life-changing event, but I took it as a challenge and in case you couldn't tell, I am VERY competitive so there was no way I was going to fail! It is difficult, at times, being a gluten-free vegan in the land of fried Twinkies, fat-back, and buttermilk everything, but I never met a challenge I did not conquer.
I have a huge passion for baking, hiking, running, camping (well just anything outdoors), and fall. I'm partially obsessed with pumpkins, pecans (pronounce pea-cans NOT pea-cons), and apples so excuse the ridiculous amounts of sweet treats during this season!
I'm so glad you stopped by the Boot Scootin' Bakery and hope you stay, order, read, and fall in love with the food like I do every single day!



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